Alternative Energy Applications (AEA), is an energy sustainability company focused on reducing wasted energy. When you team up with AEA you can rely on over 80 years of combined utility conservation and construction experience. AEA is more than a vendor or contractor, we partner with our customers to provide a custom solution that meets their individual needs. We also work closely with the utility companies of our customers to be a one-source provider for energy savings and solutions. Our goal is for every home and business to become energy efficient by empowering the owners. Water usage is the second leading factor to your energy consumption, second only to heating and cooling. Electricity or gas is used to heat water, so the less hot water you use, the less energy needed. In other words, saving water reduces your water and energy bills! This is where AEA can help with a complete Water Reduction Plan, or WRP. Our custom WRP is designed around the individuals home or business needs. We accomplish this through both innovated products, and educational programs with the net result being energy savings. AEA is and will always be, your Energy Efficient Experts.


The typical household will draw 23 gallons per person a day from their faucets, from hand washing to cooking.

Each flush of a standard toilet is between 5 to 7 Gallons per Flush. With an average of 8 Flushes per day per person

The average American shower uses up to 17.0 gallons and lasts for 8-9 minutes.
For a family of 3 that is 51 gallons a day

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