Up to 35% of Heat Escapes Through Walls and Gaps, in and Around Windows and Doors
Up to 25% of Heat Escaped Through the Roof
Businesses Can Save Up to 18% on Electric Costs

The AEA Advantage

Alternative Energy Applications provides a range of comprehensive solutions to become Energy Efficient. Including the design and implementation of energy saving projects for commercial and residential customers. We partner with gas and electric utilities to deliver programs that provide energy savings and demand reduction for our customers in each of the areas that we serve.

Energy Efficiency is Essential

At Alternative Energy Applications (AEA) we believe being energy efficient shouldn’t be difficult or be a cost burden. Which is why AEA has pursued initiatives, programs, and advocated for policies that raised the bar on energy efficient solutions and Weatherization issues. Not only for our utility partners but all Floridians, in general, allowing companies and homeowners alike to become energy efficient.

Conservation Programs Contractor | Alternative Energy Applications Inc.
Utility Weatherization Programs Contractor | Alternative Energy Applications Inc.

A Strong Reputatuion

At Alternative Energy Applications (AEA) we understand the importance of energy conservation for utility companies and how significant energy efficiency is to a home or business owner. AEA has spent decades building relationships and refining our processes to ensure each of our customers is taking full advantage of offered utility rebate programs in their respective area to maximize cost savings and create energy efficient customers. In turn, allowing our utility partners to capitalize on profitable and stable energy production.

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