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What is Spray Foam (SPF)?

Spray foam insulation or spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is an excellent alternative to traditional building insulation. SPF is plastic based spray which is applied in various areas of the home or building to provide thermal insulation and minimize air infiltration. Because spray foam can fill cracks and gaps, it increases the energy efficiency of your home or building.

Types of Spray Foam

Types of Spray Foam

Closed Cell SPF

Closed Cell SPF which is also known as Medium-density foam is applied with a low or high-pressure two-component polyurethane spray foam. Depending on the climate and building Closed Cell SPF offers specific benefits. Closed Cell SPF similar to Open Cell SPF is used for insulation, interior wall cavity fill, and, in unvented attic applications. However, Closed Cell SPF is often used when the greatest R-value insulation per square inch is possible or needed. Closed Cell spray foam also acts as an air, vapor, and water barrier. Using Closed Cell SPF can even help reduce noise.

Closed Cell advantages:
1) Cold Climates
2) Added rigidity / Strong
3) Air and Moisture Barrier
4) Insulates ~ R6/inch

Open-cell-foam, which is also known as low-density spray polyurethane foam is applied to provide continuous insulation and an air-sealing barrier. Open-cell SPF open-cell structure allows some flexibility to the foam after being cured.

Open Cell SPF can be applied in low or high-pressure and comes in a two-component polyurethane spray foam. Open-Cell can be applied in serval areas including on walls, unvented attics, ducts, ceilings, and crawl spaces. Open Cell SPF provides an air barrier, yet is permeable to water vapor and moisture.

Open Cell advantages:
1) Warm Climates
2) Areas with no condensation
3) Costs Less than Closed Cell SPF
4) Air Barrier
5) Insulates ~ R3.5/inch

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