Has someone come to your door asking you to participate in the Tampa Electric Weatherization Program recently?
Are they telling you this is a program where you can get your home insulated and ducts sealed for free?

If so, you probably are asking yourself a couple questions:

  1. “Is this a scam?”
  2. “Why would TECO insulate my house for free?”
  3. “Who is AEA, and what is weatherization?”

No, the Tampa Electric Weatherization Program is not a scam. In fact, it is 100% free for qualifying Tampa Electric customers.

How Can This Program be Free?

There is a detailed explanation for this, but to make a long story short, besides Tampa Electric is required to provide energy conservation measures to a certain number of customers each year. If you fall into a qualifying territory, congratulations! You are eligible for free insulation, a free duct seal, and some other free stuff!

What Role Does AEA Play in the Tampa Electric Weatherization Program?

As a Tampa Electric preferred contractor, AEA (that’s us!) will upgrade your attic insulation, perform a full-system duct seal, and install energy-efficient upgrades such as CFL lightbulbs in your home for free.

Official Tampa Electric Weatherization Representative | Alternative Energy Applications Inc.

Homeowner’s Beware

Watch out! Not everyone who comes to your door talking about saving energy is representing this program. In fact, only two contractors were selected by Tampa Electric to administer this program. Here’s what to look for:

Official Tampa Electric Weatherization representatives will be wearing a bright safety green shirt with the weatherization logo on it.

AEA’s weatherization sales force will also have a company-issued badge.

For more information, or if you’d like to find out if AEA is servicing your area, contact us today.